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The Escape

Grief stricken by death on that cold December day

The timber box holding that precious body,

That would soon decay.


A crowded church,a family torn apart.

What meaningless songs and eulogies,

To mend my broken heart.

And then it appeared,

Soaring high,

His spirit set free,

My beautiful butterfly.


So precious,delicate and rare,

It flapped its wings as if to say,

"I will always be there".


No longer trapped in a cocoon of pain

No more brave faces to sustain.

No longer a body,but a colourful soul.

Goodbye to life

To heaven enroll


By: A Mending Soul.



Don't Ask Me How I Am


Don't ask me how I am.

Ask me how I have left the world and its inhabitants influence me.

Has it been a positive or negative influence?

I and I alone should determine that outcome.

But can I?

It comes from within.


Don't ask me how I am.

It scares me.

It's personal,revealing a sheltered soul,a hidden soul,a hurt soul.

Don't go there.

I'm afraid.

I don't know the answer.

It hurts too much to tell.

Don't ask.

It comes from deep within.


Don't ask me how I am.

Just ask what I have allowed myself to become.

An object controlled by medication,

A robot mechanically getting through each day,

A puppet ready to act with each tug of that string.

Why ask me how I am 

How would I know?

It comes from within.


To hell with the medication

A robot no longer

The puppet strings are cut and I am free.

But with freedom also comes fear

But now I can embrace that fear.


Because I finally am within.

So go ahead 

Ask me how I am

For it comes from within....

And I'm finally there.


By:The Colourful Monarch.

The Great I!


It's a small word,that word "I",

One of the easiest letters formed by a four year old starting school..

And yet so powerful.

"I" on its own is always a capital.

That alone shows its force and danger.


It's when "I" changes to "THE GREAT I",

that the problems arise.

When "I" and only "I" know the answers to everyone else's problems.

When "I" take on everyone else's problems ,

and become societies greatest fixer or destroyer.

When "I" take hold of my gavel,

put on my judges wig,

and decide everyone's fate with just one strike.

Then I am "THE GREAT I".


But behind that great "I" is

but a little "i" just half the size.

An "i" that hasn't yet found out who "i " am,

what "i " want, where "i " am going...

An "i " who can't make decisions,

Can't figure out right from wrong.

A little "i " who never became a capital "I"

only when placed with the word "fear".



By:The Flightless Butterfly...

getting ready to take flight.Bring it on!

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