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Rapha Cottage offers a number of programmes on-site or on an outreach basis. Programmes are of particular interest to schools, community groups, parents groups, religious groups, society groups, sport groups etc. The focus differs from group to group depending on their specific needs:
  • Developing healthy relationships

  • The importance of listening

  • Addiction and its devastating consequences

  • How to hold on to our children

  • What is family and what is our place in the family

  • Society anger in these recession times

  • What is self-esteem and do we get it

Personal Development Group

Are you stuck on your journey?
Are you just existing, and not living a full life?

Open to both men and women, a personal development group has commenced at Rapha Cottage with Anthony O’Shaughnessy on Monday evenings from 6-30pm to 9-30pm.

This programme has three core elements

  • Meditation

  • Presentation

  • Group Therapy

A sample of topics covered

  • Mindfulness / awareness

  • Establishing healthy boundaries

  • Our place in the family

  • Anger / rage / stress / controlling

  • Learning to respect self and building self-esteem

  • Understanding addiction

The cost of programme will be €20 per person,

per evening.
Early booking is advised as places are limited.

Finding Yourself

Are you worried or controlled by a loved one’s addiction? Are you putting someone else’s needs before your own? What about our internal relationship – our relationship with ourself?
A programme called "Finding Yourself" runs at Rapha Cottage every Tuesday evening from 7.00

to 10.00pm.


Each evening comprises three core elements:

  • Meditation

  • Presentation

  • Group Therapy


A sample of topics covered includes:

  • Learning to respect self and building self-esteem

  • Co-dependency / enabling

  • Anger / stress / fear / guilt / shame

  •  Our “shadow side”

  •  Detachment (set yourself free)

  •  Establishing healthy boundaries

  •  Building relationships within

  •  Grief and loss

  •  Love and spirituality

  •  Happiness/forgiveness

  •  Mindfulness

The cost of programme will be €20 per person,
per evening.


Early booking is advised as places are limited.

Schools Programmes

School children today face challenges and issues that we could never have imagined. How they respond to these challenges depends on a number of factors.  As parents, teachers and counsellors we need to raise the issues of bullying, anxiety, stress and addiction in schools. We must teach our children how to recognise the early signs of bullying, stress, anxiety and addiction and to highlight strategies that promote positive mental health.
Media coverage of bullying in schools has reached saturation point, but the problem does not seem to be going away. For the past three years I have delivered the Bully Beware programme in Colaiste Iosaf in Kilmallock dealing with the issue head on in an accessible and relatable way. I have also devised a Stress & Addiction programme especially for teenagers and am now offering them to other schools for consideration and inclusion in the timetabling schedule. Both of these programmes have been designed with Transition Year students in mind, but they can also be adapted for any teenage year group or class setting.
We owe it to our young people to give them the skills and supports to guide them over this sometimes difficult and turbulent period of their lives, and I believe the Bully Beware programme and the Stress and Addiction programme do just that.
I recommend that each programme is delivered over a five week period, to a maximum grouping of thirty students in two-hourly sessions, although the format can be altered according to the needs of the students and the school. I am a qualified, accredited and experienced counsellor with over 20 years of experience in the areas of anger-management, bullying, co-dependency, stress, anxiety and addiction and I am equipped to deal with a variety of associated issues that may be raised during the workshops.
“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.”

Harvey Fierstein
“Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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